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Our Publications

Our publications are all related to Panama. They are a great help for visitors or persons that want to know more about this great country. You can find next an overview of of each one of them, how to get them and other general information.

FOB Zona Libre de Colón


This directory and catalogue offers a complete guide of the Colon Free Zone, largest free trade area on the American continent and second largest in the world. It is organized in specific sections like: Special Services to the Free Zone, Logistic Services, General Information, Company Listings, Products Listings, Trademarks Listings, a Catalogue Section, and more.

If you know the name of the company you want to visit, look for it in the alphabetic company listings.

If you are looking for a specific product or service, go to the section of "Products and Services", that will help you find the company that sells it.

If you wish to know what company distributes a specific trademark that you already know, then go to the section "Trademarks".

If you want to know the specific physical location of a company, look on the map. The companies are listed in alphabetical order and each one has a location code for easy finding.

The "FOB" has its own website that you can visit (www.ColonFreeZone.com), it includes much of the information of the printed catalog, plus a search engine to look for the company, product or trademark of your interest. There you can find also important information you have to know if you plan to visit the Colon Free Zone.

FOB is a publication with free distribution, that can be found in the "Oficina de Pases" of the Free Zone, in almost every company located on the Free Zone and hotels. FOB can be airmailed to other countries, upon receipt of US$20 for handling and mailing costs.

Cover image of the FOB  directory/catalog
Click on the image to visit the FOB's website.

21 cm

0.58 Kg/unit




Focus Panama


Pocket-size tourist magazine, that presents a lot of information about Panama. This magazine is a complete guide specially created for the tourists, the visitors and all the locals that want to know where to go and what to do in Panama.

The idea of this magazine arose from the fact that the country has never attracted mass tourism, but times are changing. Panama is now taking advantage of all the factors that made it a tropical paradise; like its climate, has coasts in both sides, offers two different atmospheres with short distance between them, it is surrounded by several islands, and the currency is the US dollar.

Focus provides its readers information about the best places to visit, tips of activities of leisure the visitors can do and general information on the country, among other things.

Focus, the visitors guide in full color and published twice yearly with free distribution can be found in hotels, restaurants, airports, bus stations, tour operators offices, embassies, and many other places. Spanish and english editions.

Click on the image to visit the Focus Panama website.

21 cm

0.19 Kg/unit



The Visitor


The Visitor is Panama's tourist newspaper presenting its readers information about the best places to visit, tips of activities of leisure the visitors can do, advice and features for tourists, and information on the tourist industry, among other things.

The Visitor has its own website that you can visit (www.TheVisitorPanama.com), it is the on-line version that includes all the information of the printed newspaper, plus the ability to read past issues of the newspaper. There you can find also links to other websites of interest.

The Visitor, printed in Spanish and english twice a month, and with free distribution can be found in hotels, restaurants, airports, bus stations, tour operators offices, embassies, and many other places.

Click on the image to go to The Visitor's website.
32 cm
28 cm

Getting to know Panama


"Getting to Know Panama" fills a need for those who come to Panama as visitors or residents. Panamanians also, will find out how much they didn't know about their own country. Author Michèle Labrut, a Frenchwoman, was particularly well-equipped to compile this treasure-trove of information. She is a long-time resident, a journalist, and correspondent for Time, Magazine, NBC News and other international publications. "Getting to Know Panama" reflects her deep fascination for the country's history, culture, modern vitality as a center of commerce, and the abiding beauty of its islands, beaches, mountains and jungles. She guides the reader on many a hinterland trek and caters to the seekers of adventure as well as the naturalists who are discovering the vastness and variety of Panama's unspoilt ecosystems.


Buy it online at Amazon.

Panama Now


Coffe table style "yearbook" published every two years. A portrait of the Panama nation in photos, text chapters, and statistics. Hard cover, Indexed. Spanish and english editions.

The current edition commemorates the centenary of the republic. It spanned a time in which the world has seen the greatest technological and cultural advances in history and Panama has been in the vanguard. It explains how Panama gained its independence from Colombia (1903), the construction of one of the greatest engineering projects of the 29th century —the Panama Canal.

In this book we also see the intercultural and sociological experiment that takes place in Panama due to the digging of the Canal: North Americans, Europeans, Hispanics, Jews, West Indians, Asians and East Indians learned to work and live with each other.

The book also describes all the resources and factors that make Panama the safest and prosperous country in the region.


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The Enemy Within


Vividly illustrated with 320 photos, this book tells the story of Panama's troubled years culminating with the U.S. invasion of Panama and the capture of dictator Gen. Manuel A. Noriega profusely illustrated. Hard cover, Indexed. Spanish and english editions.

This book is a factual and pictorial account of events which, had they been presented in the form of a novel, would scarcely have been believable. In order to understand why the U.S.A. invaded Panama's sovereign territory, causing severe loss of life and risking international censure, it is necessary to trace Panama's history from the Republic in 1903. It is clear that Uncle Sam, apart from an undeniable responsibility for paternity, has always maintained his role of disciplinarian over the republic.



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